BOUREK is an international humanistic comedy. Set against current global issues – economic crises, political upheavals, and general bad news, an extravagant international cast of characters meets on the sleepy Greek island of KHRONOS, lost in the Mediterranean.  Hiding from the end of the world, or hoping to find a better future, they all discover something or someone unforeseen that gives new meaning to their lives, helped in no small part by the food they share, especially the Mediterranean pastry Bourek.


ALLURE is a process-driven film, where filmmakers and actors worked together through a series of improvisations to tell the stories of five women in New York, who come from five very different countries. Each one struggles to overcome her personal conflict, set against the Occupy Wall Street movements of 2011.

Zenith is a retro-futuristic steam-punk thriller, about two men in two time periods, whose search for the same grand conspiracy leads them to question their own humanity.


Told through a looping, non-linear narrative from each of the characters’ points of view, the film reconstructs the stories of a Yugoslav hit man, his former lover and her police officer boyfriend, as their paths cross in New York.


The poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko, himself once an immigrant in New York, wrote that NYC is ‘not a city, not a country, but all humanity in one drop.’  THE CITY explores this ‘humanity,’ now, in New York City, through the unique eyes of non-native New Yorkers, exiles, immigrants, refugees, eccentrics, and a Ghost. Accompanied by haunting visuals, Rainer Maria Rilke’s poetry, and a unique score by Sxip Shirey’s “mutant harmonica,” THE CITY is also a visual poem to a city of immigrants, which keeps re-inventing itself through its history, and into the new century.

Based on true stories, this intense arthouse thriller follows the stories of Yugoslav exiles and refugees in NY, as their stories mirror the war in their homeland. This film won the Telluride Indie Film Festival, and played in numerous others.

A look at the life of Tibetan monk Palden Gyatso, who spent 33 years in prison as his nation was seized by China. The documentary won numerous festival awards.

Directed by a practicing psychotherapist, going under explores the intricate relationship between a professional dominatrix and her client ,as it evolves into a complicated love story. The film won the Northampton Film Festival, and played in many others.

In two interconnected stories Robert, a jaded middle-aged New Yorker, goes to Serbia to make quick cash by marrying someone for U.S. immigration papers. The plan goes awry when the promised cash never arrives. At the same time, a young Serbian immigrant named Branko struggles in a never forgiving New York, desperately trying to bring his girlfriend from Serbia to USA.